April 18, 2013

This blog was reborn May 8, 2012 with a post titled Long Time Passin’. That was after a six and a half year hiatus following its October 13, 2005 creation. Long Time Passin’s first user comment was submitted anonymously on May 27, 2012. Here is its text:
If this site becomes popular, it will fan the fires of dissension and will distress a number of El Parque residents and, perhaps, most of the El Parque administration. Is that a good thing? Only time will tell. Be careful though. Some of the comments or blogs may be over the top with some exaggeration. Blogs are notorious for voicing opinions that may be fact deficient. The good thing about blogs is that they frequently prompt action, good or bad, on problem issues that the majority of people are just trying their best to ignore. Perhaps the go along and get along people will make their first attempt to actually investigate what they are going along with.
Much of El Parque’s history has been described or implied. There are still important elements only alluded or left unmentioned. Many persons responsible for reaching the current state were either not involved in or seemed to take no account of its past. But, the blog is not a history book. It is pointed toward what El Parque is rather than was.

Blog focus has been mainly on current situations of immediate interest to participants. Their recurrent concerns, not surprisingly, center on El Parque's problems. Solutions to those have been offered, explained, justified, and debated. There is not much about what El Parque is and how and why it got there that the blog has not covered.

We've been remiss, however, in not considering another perspective. That is looking ahead to ponder where we are going. For purposes of commenting on this post, try to momentarily forget past and present, problems and solutions, right and wrong, what, who, why, and how. Put aside hopes and desires for El Parque. Then tell what you realistically believe will most likely take place in the condo's immediate or longer range future. Dissecting that might provide something that can be worked with.

Realistically speaking this is a stupid exercise. Looking ahead looks just as bleak as looking at the present. Until homeowners regain the control of their homes we will just continue down the path of destruction. Lets get real and listen to each other. There is much to be learned by listening and showing some respect for opinions of others.

posted by Anonymous: 10:29 AM, April 22, 2013

I think "stupid exercise" is a bit harsh! But, frankly, I too have trouble seeing how things can or will improve while the Board and Administrator continue to behave like petty tyrants governing a private fiefdom. Since there is only limited (tiny?) recognition of that fact, all I can do is throw up my hands and hope that the actions of the few concerned homeowners may, ultimately, lead to some kind of resolution over time. However, the whole situation has been an interesting example of group behavior and the ease with which people's opinions and behavior can be manipulated. Sigh.

posted by edp: 11:30 AM, April 25, 2013

This crystal ball predicts administrative communications as no more than oh so familiar window dressing, happy daze passed with happy hours, applicable laws left unknown or ignored, rules for those who live here made by those who don’t, nobody gaining requested access to any financial books, and continued harassment of singled out doubters. In short, the status quo will play on but more so. Tension will increase until enough consider it in their interest to question, accept only realistic answers, and share them inside and outside our gate. One thing is certain about both internal and external shakers, movers, and cementers of what is to be. They change. We may eventually be viewed by some with enough dissatisfaction, concern, clout, and advantage to push for change. Don't hold your breath! Sayings have it one pays for what one gets. Services are often gained and prevented for a price. Cash money, especially when hushed, may offer a lead worth following. We currently and most likely will continue to harbor but one happy place where cash is openly solicited and gathered in abundant amount. If any accounting exists, it is neither reported nor provable. The stash is retained by who knows who and may be passed to and through unnoted persons in whatever manner for unverifiable reasons. Today’s no no topic could become tomorrow’s widespread gossip and wedge for cleaving some of what is from what could have been. Somebody just smashed my crystal ball !

posted by Anonymous: 12:59 PM, May 19, 2013

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