June 26, 2012

The only way to address the issues of the past and correct the unreasonable and possible illegalities of the past is to restructure the board and have the minimum number of people on the board as proscribed by Jalisco law.

A total of only three people are required. Those are president, treasurer, and secretary. Duties of each are explicitly defined.

The administrator is the only one who is charged with the day to day operation of the condo. The board is only there to assist him or her in the operation of the condo.

How do we set this condo straight? Remove this board and possibly this administrator. Then begin the process of searching for a real professional administrator, one that does not allow a board to take over their duties, and collect a fat check with bonuses for not doing their job.

The refreshing part of this blog is that it shows that there are people who would like to change and are willing to change the way things are. More and more the dissatisfaction grows with this administration. A warning to this board: there will be a tipping point. Your "perceived power" will be lost and you will once again be just homeowners

The office just sent round what was called a "Survey 2" designed by the new fill in voting board member. It seemed to be entirely constructed of questions raised on this blog. Note that is open to all and where the items surveyed have either already been answered and could have been responded to further. There was really no need of going to the trouble of trying to make our administrator appear to be an administrator and our board a body that gave a damn about what we think.

One question in particular shouted out.

"8. Given the recent anti-gambling legal opinion letter (April 2012) sought by a few residents of El Parque, there can no longer be any form of gaming that involves the exchange of money or prizes, including Poker, 50/50 draws, bridge, volleyball tournaments, super bowl draws etc. Do (sic) believe it is the right of individual homeowners to independently seek such legal opinions without homeowners' authorization, when they affect all residents?"

There were only yes/no check boxes with no space to write in what came to mind. That would have been "What the hell kind of person would even propose asking such a question?" Couldn't put it there. Maybe they'll read it here.

posted by Anonymous : 11:52 AM, July 03, 2012

Yeah, that one even beats people shouldn't be allowed to have their own web sites.

posted by Anonymous: 2:39 PM, July 03, 2012

Question #8 of the survey sent out by the board blows my mind. The question is offensive. I don't need anyone's permission to seek legal council, and certainly not that of board members. That someone did get legal opinion may have just saved homeowners another fee assessment from fine over an illegal gambling hall.

posted by Anonymous : 5:56 PM, July 03, 2012

As a response to question #8 on Survey #2, We are very concern that all activities in El Parque are being painted by the same brush as the gambling situation. Fact is, gambling is illegal in Mexico by federal law. Texas Hold 'Em is NOT just a simple card game as was stated in the Board minutes. If it were OK to play it, why is it NOT played in the two Casinos that we have in Ajijic? Bridge, Whist, Volleyball Tournament and Bean Bag Toss do not involve any betting-ergo not gambling. The fee that is being charged for these activities go towards prizes or as in Bridge for the final luncheon. There is a perception that the Board is attempting to anger many residents who enjoy these activities and further stir the pot of dissension. We will continue to seek legal opinions from our Attorney as is our right.

posted by Howard and Diane Casa 2 : 1:39 PM, July 05, 2012

Any homeowner should have the right to seek a legal opinion on any subject whether it is relevant to El Parque or not. He/she is after all paying for the legal advice out of his/her own pocket.

posted by Ingrid Hill, Casa 102 : 2:31 PM, July 05, 2012

This gambling thing is unsettling on another level that perhaps hasn't been considered adequately. Specifically, cars full of men coming in from Guad. to "play poker". As we ARE now aware, gambling is ABSOLUTELY illegal in Mexico, so these guys are keen to play because they can't do it easily anywhere else for significant money. But, what if one or more of these "friends/guests" are affiliated in some way or another with the Guad. "cartels" and are being watched by the police? And followed into EP? Use your imagination ... do we want to be entertaining the dirty underbelly of Jalisco?

posted by Anonymous: 9:36 AM, September 14, 2012

I cannot understand why the "gambling" issue is still an issue and continues to be an issue. When the issue was raised at the pre-AGM, it was dealt with immediately when Roy Lahti then president immediately suspended the poker games as they were being conducted (with outsiders present). Bruce Cheske who was managing the poker abided by this and my understanding is that for months now there have been no outsiders and if there is a game it involves only el parque residents (which was how it was conducted for years). So where is all this talk coming from re carloads of outsiders entering El Parque to play. There were some legitimate concerns last year during the season, but these were dealt with very quickly.

posted by Anonymous : 12:41 PM, September 16, 2012

Methinks I'm reading distortion of reality...but GOOD that public gambling is a done deal.

posted by">Howard and Diane Casa 2: 2:07 PM, September 16, 2012

Can you elaborate as to where the distortion of reality comes into all of this. The reality is that we had some legitimate concerns with respect to the gambling and the further reality is that the concerns were dealt with very quickly . Not to deny the fact that there was some pettiness around other activities being lumped in with the poker;however for someone to suggest that there are carloads of people coming in from Guad is ludicrous and misleading. Let us focus on working together to rid our community of the vindictiveness and pettiness that will be our downfall.

posted by Anonymous : 2:11 PM, September 16, 2012

Yes, "Anonymous", in our view the gambling issue WAS eventually and finally dealt with after we sought, paid for and submitted a legal opinion to the Board in April of 2012. In the Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of March 19, 2012, it is stated that Bruce Cheske would "most likely" suspend the Poker games between April and November due to a shortage of participants. (See also our blog entries of July 5, 2012 and August 9, 2012 and the Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of April 9, 2012, item #3.) The recent resurgence of the issue seems to indicate that at least some residents are not aware that having outsiders enter EP for the purpose of gambling will no longer take place. Perhaps our discussion has clarified the issue for those residents.

posted by Howard and Diane Casa 2: 4:28 PM, September 16, 2012

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