Funny Money

June 18, 2012

Lest any confuse this as promotion of what is pictured, it is not. Take it instead as graphic reminder of how condo directors risk owners' financial security by turning a family clubhouse into a regularly scheduled and profit generating but unlicensed and untaxed restaurant and bar (add sometime gambling hall). It employs voluntary yet unauthorized work of four of those directors as bartender, cook, publicist, and bookkeeper. There are several legal Mexican restaurants and bars a short walk beyond the condo gate. The question begged is size of the next fine to be passed to owners by special assessment fee.

"Funny Money" will not be so funny when
we have to pay a BIG fine...
OH YEA!! another Special Assessment?
Just what we need....
Keep it up Boys! i.e. Directors of EP

posted by Anonymous : 1:38 PM, June 21, 2012

Again this shows the arrogance of those who wish to wield power and the total indifference to the Jalisco law under which we all are accountable. The board members who are in lock step with these decisions should be required to secure and pay for a personal bond that would protect the condo from their stupidity. Once again the homeowners as it stands now would be responsible for any fines imposed. Does anyone remember the consequences of the garbage debacle??? Continue to allow this board to do as it wishes and we all will reap the consequences again. Nuff said.

posted by Anonymous : 1:38 PM, June 21, 2012

Our family club house is no longer a place I enjoy or feel comfortable in. Not exactly a place I want to leisurely search for a book while rushing to get out of the smelly bar room. Their plan to hang rugs may mute the loud happy voices of the crowd but will reek the odor of booze. Not exactly the retirement I had planned.

posted by Anonymous : 9:15 AM, June 23, 2012

El Parque had a beautiful club house. Now? Liquor cabinets, bar stools and grill. Our bylaws say nothing about having a license for the current activities held there regularly. Mexican law does. I look the other way when I pass the gaudy signs for both the public and home owners to come spend their money on food and drink. This is wrong. I do not want another law suit against our "lovely" El Parque and a special fee assessment to members of the condo. We should not be responsible for the ignorance of a stupid board and care less party people, but the law tells us we are. I am not opposed to social drinking or patronizing local businesses, but I would not be in favor of a license to have such activity in either my home or a family club house

posted by Anonymous : 11:31 AM, June 23, 2012

I used to enjoy the bring your own snacks and have a beer Fridays. Then it grew into a business. Now I don't go anymore. It's too much like going to a bar/restaurant. What a shame.

Who allowed this to happen? That's my question. How can the Board just take over the clubhouse and do what it wants? Who said we wanted a full service bar? Who said we wanted it to be changed to what it is now? Why didn't the owners have any say in this? Who gave them the right to occupy our clubhouse

I know that many owners seem to enjoy the dinners and bar, but what if we are charged a fine? Will it have been worth it?

Yes, they tell us they are saving us money by earning it through Happy Hour. But will the profits offset a fine if it comes? Are the profits worth it? So what if we didn't have 100 bar glasses? So what if we had to bring our own dishes

The whole thing disgusts me.

posted by Anonymous : 12:29 PM, June 23, 2012

I agree with the above postings. I used to enjoy the "bring your own snacks and buy a beer from the frig" nights. Then, somehow, Board members decided they had the right to take over our clubhouse and turn it into a bar/restaurant. Who gave them the permission to do this?

Now I dont' go. It's too much like being in a noisy bar. It's not out clubhouse anymore. With the profits they purchased bar glasses, plates, etc. Was it really so hard for us to bring our own?

Without asking the owners/residents, they have turned our clubhouse into what they want. We had/have no say in it. If we are fined for this, will the profits cover the cost of the legal fees and fine? Did they even consider stopping until they were sure that what they're doing is legal?

It's too bad that the owners have lost control of their own home.

posted by Anonymous : 12:36 PM, June 23, 2012

What will become of the most fun condo in all of Mexico if duration of crime sets size of fine and shares exceed home value?

posted by Anonymous : 5:16 PM, June 23, 2012

I wish distasteful things would just go away and everything would be fine. My security and home wouldn’t be threatened and possible lawsuits wouldn’t be constantly on my mind. Not so. Decisions made by others may threaten my future and that of many others. There must be a way for all of us to raise questions and have input into actions by the board or committees that affect our lives. Illegal decisions by others threaten all of ElParque residents and can become very costly to all of us. I suspect that many others, like me, would rather not be involved. It is much easier to let someone else do all of the work and take care of things. That sounds a little unfair and selfesh. I will no longer take it for granted that those decisions made by others are in my best interest. I hope others have some idea of how we can do our part to correct errors of the past.

posted by Anonymous : 6:05 PM, June 23, 2012

Has any Board member read the above comments??

Are the people responsible ready to pay the "fine"?
as no home owner will be ready to help this time... Think about it!

posted by Anonymous : 5:30 PM, June 24, 2012

Now we have a verbal agreement (not in writing) of Senor Luis Ernesto Amavizca of the Chapala Municipal Government, to use the clubhouse as a restaurant/bar since it is on private property..The question we must then ask is, will the "Happy Hour Committee's" financial books be available for audit???? like any legitimate business.

posted by Anonymous : 10:05 AM, July 02, 2012

Sounds good to me....if that's what it takes to have everything on the up and up...

Any one agree?

posted by Anonymous : 2:41 PM, July 02, 2012

You must be kidding?
Why would we need to do that?

Why would our board members, who give of their time, be asked to do such a thing are they not as pure as the driven snow?

posted by Anonymous : 4:10 PM, July 02, 2012

The "Donation" price list has now been "Caught On Camera" for all to view and memorized since it has discretely been removed....maybe "Donated" EH?

posted by Howard and Diane Casa 2 : 9:32 PM, July 21, 2012

Would you want or allow your grand- kids to play in a BAR north of the border? Oh! I forgot it is illegal for young people under 18 to frequent a BAR....Then why would you want your grand-kids, when they visit El Parque, to play ping-pong or watch TV in what was once a club house now converted into a BAR? is also illegal for kids under 18 yrs of age in Mexico to be in a BAR.... Think about it....

posted by Howard and Diane Casa 2 : 4:57 PM, August 01, 2012

People who visit El Parque are starting to ask....WHY donations?? can't these home owners afford to pay for these renovations? Must we lower ourselves to such tacky tactics, as well as those CORONA umbrellas at the pool? what are we a chicken road stand? We can't afford nice umbrellas? I guess we must buy a lot of get these DONATIONS

posted by Howard and Diane Casa 2 : 5:07 PM, August 01, 2012

Aug.3,2012 Happy Hour 80th B-day celebration, people came from far and near as well as the "Traffic Police" carrying gifts. A good time was had by all.

Home Owners Donations

RENT: Free club house fully furnished
ELECTRICITY: Free lights, fans, Margarita machine, new garbage disposal unit, microwave and TV
GAS: free hot water, and stove.
MAID SERVICE: Free twice a week

Now, are we to believe that all the improvements are at no cost to the home owners??.

posted by Howard and Diane Casa 2 : 9:33 AM, August 05, 2012

If it were necessary to confine my comments regarding happy hour and the clubhouse to a consideration of whether a very, very strict enforcement of the Jalisco laws could create legal problems for El Parque, I would have to oppose the happy hour. However, in my honest opinion, the Mexican authorities are about as likely to raid the happy hour as a mosquito infestation on an ice floe at teh north pole. Logically speaking, I believe that the objection to happy hour is directly related to something this board did to displease some homeowners and this is petty retaliation. Since we have a great clubhouse that is not being used on Friday evenings, fun-loving people who want to have some social interaction and a couple of homeowners who are willing to do the work necessary to provide happy hours, why not have them.

HOWEVER, during a recent discussion with the happy hour providing homeowners, I was assured that the happy hour operation was, in no way, connected with the board. Imagine my surprise when the next board minutes clearly stipulated that the homeowners were not only providing reports directly to the board but intended to defray some of the board's operating expenses with the profits from the happy hours.

There goes my support,dammit. Every homeowner pays condo fees for services that include the upkeep of the common areas. When the homeowners running the happy hour (who coincidentally happen to be board members) become entwined with the board by making reports and supplementing board expenses, it affects ALL the homeowners and not just the happy hour participants. Now the pleasant concept of a happy hour becomes an issue that MUST be brought before the assembly of homeowners for approval. In my opinion, Bruce and Clark were just providing entertainment for whomever wanted to particpate until they involved a board that must represent ALL THE HOMEOWNERS and not just those who enjoy happy hours.

On top of that, they misled me personally which does not please me.

posted by Anonymous : 10:51 AM, August 19, 2012

For years the club house was used for "Happy Hour" every Friday evening. People were happy to BYOB and something to share, then went to a local restaurant to have a meal with friends.

So "Happy Hour" is not a new "happening" in El Parque, only the cash bar and restaurant.

posted by Anonymous : 11:52 AM, August 19, 2012

There is one other new thing since those days, a board of directors believing they own El Parque and can do with it whatever they damn well choose.

posted by Anonymous : 7:37 PM, August 19, 2012

Come November are we going to see all kinds of "outsiders" in our gated community drinking at our club house BAR and driving drunk around our streets??? We pay condo fees to be in a secure gated secure is that?? and where is the BAR money going?

posted by Anonymous : 5:48 PM, September 12, 2012

Matters of how and where fees are paid, unfulfilled audit request, demonization meeting, deportation, and prosecution have increasingly surfaced questions of why those of the administration are acting this way and what they may be hiding. Response could lie in quest of that sometimes sought in unspeakable ways, MONEY! Nothing at all may be hidden but rather exist in plain sight for all to see if only they choose.

Ordinary small businesses often fail under burden of expenses of property purchase or rent, licensing, taxes, insurance, attending to government regulation and oversight. Not so here.

Our bar and grill business is outright gifted with neither purchase nor rent in a perfectly suited spacious building centered among picturesque surroundings in a community housing a guaranteed customer base. No worry of establishment costs like licensing, taxes, and insurance.

Maintenance costs also disappear when nice local citizenry pay for advertising, storage space, machinery, furnishings, utensils, cabinetry, lights, water, gas, repairs, cleaning service, and security personnel. Fusses over financial accounting and reporting fade from concern by just ignoring them. There is even a well paid administrative secretary conversant with governmental wheeling dealing to sic as necessary on anyone thought potentially troublesome.

All the entrepreneurs have to do is enjoy big shot status while raking in and doing as desired with uncounted, unimagined, and unencumbered cash other businesses could only dream of profiting. There are no business success worries here. Just work a few hours one or some days a week at what would hardly be called labor. However, there are expectations of giving something back to the community. So, throw in some open bar special events like local celebrations, contest culminations, and even memorial services to keep everyone happy while saying nothing of amplifying profit.

Arithmetic twists aging brains but let’s try some anyhow. Say the usual event crowd varies between 35 and 75 individuals. Take a mid 55 with each “donating” 100 pesos for a couple drinks and plate. That multiplies to 5500 pesos an event, not a bad take even subtracting only purchase cost of cheap booze and bites. Multiply by 70 to extrapolate from the 52 regular once a week with some specials added to get 385,000 pesos per year. Never thought of that much! Not bad at all, especially since it is all cash and there is neither income nor outlay reporting to anyone. Whoever holds the shoebox gets to play with and distribute its contents as fancied.

Is this tale applicable to the initial questions posed? I don’t know. Does anyone? Seems not, for no one speaks of it. There is insufficient information to either know or initiate caring. And, therein rests the problem. We’re staking the operation with our property and funding. Shouldn’t we ask? And, shouldn’t there be answers?

posted by Anonymous : 5:59 PM, March 20, 2013

WHOEVER THIS BLOGGER IS, IS ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON WITH QUESTIONS THAT NO ONE OF THE 80% of homeowners who visit here 6 months of the year have cared or dared to ask, where is this money going to, and who benefits?? The board members who are involved with this business only report to themselves. Are they in business for themselves?? Why do we the homeowners allow this board to continue to do whatever they want to do without question when we are the ones who will ultimately be asked to pay the price for their arrogance. It is a disgrace that there is NO ONE on the board with enough conscience to stand up for the homeowners. Why do the homeowners not see that we are paying the bills for this possibly illegal cash flow to other members of the board? I will ask you, the homeowners, who do not attend these functions, are you content to pay the cost for these events, when the profits may or may not be reported to the community? All homeowners pay the cost of running this business,and certain members of the board may be benefiting. Is there NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST in the homeowners minds when the president and voting member of the board are running this business? Just asking questions.

posted by Anonymous : 10:08 PM, March 20, 2013

Hello all you El-Parque bloggers out there. By the looks of many of the posting to this blog, there are a few people out there who have a lot of time on there hands with which to bitch and whine. Most of the comments on this site would be laughable if they were not so sick and misguided. My wife and I recently purchase a unit in El-Parque after much research. There seems to be a very tiny group (5% of owners) who are sponsoring this blog (and probably making most of the comments!) that for some bizzare reason do not believe that any rules apply to them, just others. Also, if one is part of a condominium, whatever you think, you must pay your condo fees and obey the bylawa, rules and regs. of the condo. THIS IS THE LAW. If you can get enough owners to voter for you, which these pople cannot even come close to doing, you can get on the Board where you can walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. The following is an open letter (e-mail) that I recently wrote and sent to all owners. Have a read. As a new owner, I feel that I have can have a more objective opinion than those who have both on purpose and unfortunately been mirred in the muck for so long they cannot see the trees or the forest. Please feel free to comment.

P.S. At least I have the cahonnes to put my name to my postings.

Hi Bruce, other BOD members and owners,

I have just ploughed through the March minutes, including the letters from units 96 and 94/110. I commend the letter from the owner of unit 96 as he and other owners involved have taken their personal time to act for the benefit of the development. The letter from units 94/110 was in another class however.

I have been involved with condominiums in Canada (Ontario, Quebec) both as a board member and as President. I have had over 30 years of condominium experience/knowledge. Over these years, I have always been proven correct (including now) with regards to what I call the 95/5 rule. This rule simply states that 5% of the people, in any given situation/organization cause 95% of the problems, mostly due to their ignorance, lack of reality, and/or their unwillingness to accept the will of the vast majority as opposed to their tiny yet vocal misquided minority. Also, based on my experience and knowledge, the El Parque condominium is acting in a totally correct, legal, responsible and reasonable way and is being run extremely well. My wife Brenda and I would not have purchased a unit here had this not been the case. There is absolutely no reason for the BOD to waste its valuable time, resources, energy and money responding to the incessant and unreasonable demands of a few unhappy unit owners when this time, resources, energy and money could be spent much more productively elsewhere to the benefit of the 95% of the unit owners who are extremely happy being here and enjoying the wonderful environment that we have.

I would suggest that the BOD simply ignore any further demands/pleadings/whinings from these disgruntled few and as well to have them (via their lawyer) strictly deal directly with our lawyer (via our Administrator) in future, whose costs for handling these absurd demands/complaints should be billed back to the offending owners. Let those making the unreasonable and ridiculous demands pay the price for having their questions answered. I certainly don't wish to have my time and money spent in this way.

I have nothing personal against any of these folks, but they should just stop and smell the roses or move elsewhere (vote with their feet) where they would not have to put up with such tyranny!!!!

Many thanks. Phil Ellis, Casa 93

posted by A 95%'er : 1:51 PM, March 22, 2013

I'm a homeoener posting from afar (Miami). In a recent post I neglected to point out that Board members put in a lot of time and effort in a thankless position. I'm on the Board of my small (42) units HOA and the only time someone shows up, which is not very often, is when they have a problem. So that 95% rule sounds right.

I'd just like to see everybody kiss and make up but I suppose that is wishful thinking.

Sandy Kramer
Casa 62

posted by Anonymous: 4:30 PM, March 22, 2013

as an outsider who has social links with persons within el parque on both sides of the long running disputes, i would simply like to remind Mr Ellis of the old axiom that there are always two sides to any dispute. my name is irrelevant, so i will remain ...

posted by Anonymous : 9:46 AM, March 25, 2013

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