Who's Not Important

May 31, 2012

The premise of this blog is belief societies and their segments are best served when as many people as possible have access to as much information as possible restricted only by matters of principle, law, and security. Assurance of personal privacy follows from all three of those. This document is our regimen for reinforcing that.

We may gather information about users to aid implementation. That is no different from almost all internet services and web sites. Some tell you what they do. Most do not. This post describes what is collected, how it is obtained, and uses made of it.

The site's Blogger hosting platform allows designating some users as "Team Members" whose posts are not subject to approval and may be enhanced with editing features. The status, in itself, does not afford access to private user information.

Blogger provides rudimentary statistics of site use. Those provide access counts but no information about individual connections.

We also use an external monitor that details each connection. You can explore examples from a non related web site by connecting to StatCounter Demo. The data produced for el-parque is not publically available and used only to help fit the site to purpose and user interest. Any relating to individual users is held in confidence.

The following is prominently displayed on both this site’s introductory post and above the comment authoring space.

Anyone may append comments to designated posts. Author identity is not required. Names, physical or email addresses, and internet links may be edited to mask personal identities. Suitable comments may be converted to posts. Input deemed irrelevant to post context, contrary to site privacy policy, possibly illegal, personally defamatory, commercial, or otherwise promoting events or services involving cost may be edited for compliance or rejected.

There are important reasons for allowing, respecting, and even encouraging anonymity that understanding persons will neither seek to breach nor comment upon. One is that it maintains principle above personality by holding message more important than messenger. Personal identity clues should only arise from self reference.

Internet search engines read and catalog as search keywords all content on this site and most others. Personal information once stamped upon cyberspace is next to impossible to remove. To minimize our role in such, attempts to dwell on, allude to, question, detail, or expose identities, including ones own, may be edited, refused publication, or be cause for disallowing further input.

Anonymity can be used for lesser ends. The site will not suffer surreptitious identification or impersonation, attempts at intentional disruption, fishing for personal information, or ego enhancement at the expense of either site purpose or its users. Any attempting it can be removed and tracking information help identify and block repetition.

Anyone can create a transcript of all that appears on their screen. Though not normally done, a record may be kept by this site in cases of apparent need. Such could serve for protection in cases of falsely based claims or inappropriate behaviors which could result in terminating site existence. We are unaware of others maintaining such transcripts.

If you have not already, as many have, you may elect to receive email notifications of new material by clicking epnotification@gmail.com. It should open your email program pre addressed for sending a request. No personal information is required or desired. The request subject line and/or text area may be left blank. Any regularly read email address may be used. The sending address and nothing else will be added to a mailing list. Notification contents and headers will contain no other addresses. There will be facility for easy removal from the list. Nothing else will be done with the list and it will remain confidential. The notifications will give the locations of new material, making it easy to reach and add to.

This post details all personal information we note that is not publically available. We do nothing with it nor knowingly permit its access except as mentioned.

The site will strive to operate through an ethical sense respecting privacy of personal information. You may view that as indication of what we try to be and with whom we prefer to deal. Unfortunately, that does not put a lock on information security.

As stated, anyone may copy, modify, and distribute anything appearing on their screen or passing through their system. Those might include individual users as well as operators, employees, and intruders to hosting and transmission services who are following orders, pursuing contrary personal agendas, or acting out of fear of, fealty toward, or bribes from snooping entities.

Notwithstanding our attention to minimizing exposure, users are encouraged to share understanding there is no such thing as security of internet privacy. The realistic approach is to let actions be guided by balancing assessment of acceptable risk against benefit and commitment.

There are business, legal, and political scare words intended to frighten people into opening personal privacy doors best kept locked. The most effective key, however, is ones own loose tongue and easy keyboard. At end, each is the guardian of their own privacy.


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