Long Time Passin'

May 08, 2012

For six years and some months there has been little activity here. Only a few knew of the site. That was fine. There was little need.

Some of the few scattered posts and comments from the past have been removed as no longer appropriate or relevant. The long comment on the first post at bottom is too precious in telling to consign to the land of never was. It will remain as sort of a bedrock around which thoughts might fashion.

Questioning is in the air. Disgrutled emails now fan away loosly settled dust from days of who cares. Is this site associated with any of those? No, not particularly. What it is associated with is anyone who reads or adds to it.

Do you hear an alarm clock jingling?

If this site becomes popular, it will fan the fires of dissension and will distress a number of El Parque residents and, perhaps, most of the El Parque administration. Is that a good thing? Only time will tell. Be careful though. Some of the comments or blogs may be over the top with some exaggeration. Blogs are notorious for voicing opinions that may be fact deficient. The good thing about blogs is that they frequently prompt action, good or bad, on problem issues that the majority of people are just trying their best to ignore. Perhaps the go along and get along people will make their first attempt to actually investigate what they are going along with.

posted by Anonymous : 7:30 AM, May 27, 2012

since the re-introduction of this very important web board for ElParque,it has become very obvious that the dictators in chiefs here are not in agreement with the rules of Jalisco in regards to the institution of "rules and Regulations" by a condo board. They continue to undermine the rights of homeowners to have Mexican workers, who have for years, come in on their day off to make a few pesos that help support their families. The power hungry members of this board continue to lie about the way they conduct business for ElParque. They have implied or directly stated that they have spoken to these workers and that the workers have "Agreed" to not come in on their day off, if it is a weekend day. Ironic that they have "Agreed " to not come in on the only days that the board did not want them here.. and the only days that they could work for extra money. Read between the lines friends, Intimidation. Board members feel they can do whatever they like and no one will stop them. We as homeowners need to speak out to each other to protect our interests in this community. What once was a great place to live has devolved to a rules oriented lifestyle, where even having a gathering of neighbors is an issue.

posted by Anonymous : 12:03 PM, June 15, 2012

HERE WE GO AGAIN... the board is going to do something that they have no right to do, that is to have a vote on whether or not a homeowner has the right to engage a worker on a specific day of the week. this is not a vote for or against Martin, but rather a vote for or against the homeowners rights. the questions concerning homeowner rights are not and should not be up for a vote by any single board, past or future. the issue is one where a conversation with the homeowners needs to take place, not just instituted or mandated. I for one would like to know where our secretary/administrator stands on this issue, after having been given proof that Martin, would like to continue to try to support his family, by washing cars for homeowners in elparque. again as administrator she willingly takes a backseat to the board.

posted by terry l gibbard casa 90 : 1:09 PM, July 08, 2012

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