The Great Schadenfreude Affair

15 November 2012

Last September El Parque’s board of directors, in impertinent, accusatory, and threatening manner, officially demanded information concerning this web site´s now missing post about an article in a Chapala newspaper. What they received may have been more than expected or desired. That was through exchange of emails concluding in mid October with a detailed missive titled “The Great Schadenfreude Affair” sent privately and separately to El Parque’s administrator and each member of its board of directors.

Until now, both this blog and the administration have been publicly silent on the story. However, we are now notified they desire to visit the issue again at a general home owners meeting. The Information, which has been so far restricted to a few, might better be available to all those called to ponder it.

Let it be! The full paper is too long for blog posting but is stored online where it can be accessed for either reading online or downloading as chosen. As a plus, it contains the full content of the vanished Chapala newspaper post and comments with explanation of where they went and why.

Here is the access link to The Great Schadenfreude Affair

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