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October 13, 2005

El Parque was born a condominium 9 April 2005. Though new birth confusion may have brought some to wonder, it can be doubted no longer. For now, six months later, it has a web site. Anyone can tell you that if something is on the internet, you know it must be so.

How nice. I was not aware of this but will check it often. It should help to learn the ins and outs of how to fit in with what this new experience in living will be.

posted by Anonymous : 12:12 PM, November 08, 2005

This is about the mention of how to fit in. Some might say that would be follow rules. I have made a list of some don'ts and can'ts noted in various documents. There may be others. Who knows?

Can't do anything if you have not paid fees, Children under 12 can't go swimming or use the hot tub unaccompanied by adult, Can't modify house without permission, Can't hire unapproved workers, Can't tip helpers, Can't bring dog to common area, Can't contact board members about modifications, Can't drive more than 10 kilometers per hour, Must submit concerns to the board in writing at least 10 days before hand, Can't phone president except 10 to 5 Monday through Friday, Can't leave trash on walkways and uninhabited lots, Visitor can't enter park if you are not at home, Can't use pool before 8 am or after one hour past sunset, Guests can't use pool if you are not at home, Can't smoke by pool or deck area, Can't run, jump, or horseplay in pool area, Can't be noisy, boisterous, or rowdy in pool area, Can't bring glass containers to pool area, Can't play music in pool area without earphones, Can't eat or drink in pool or deck, Can't use the pool unless toilet trained, Can't have a dirty swimming suit, Can't get in Jacuzzi if under 4 years old, Can't have a pet in pool area, Can't leave the hot tub without turning off motor, Can't play with the safety hook and ring, Can't use skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, or similar items in pool area, Can't enter pool without taking a shower, Can't use rafts, inflatable beds, or boats in pool, Must cover chair with towel if using use sun lotion, Can't have a private party more than once per six months, Can't have more than 125 persons at a private party, Can't have private party before 11am or after 10pm, Private party guests can't use the pool, Jacuzzi, or pool deck, Have to put up 2500 pesos to have private party, Party goers must adhere to parking rules (whatever they are), Party host must be present at all times, Parties must be scheduled 10 days in advance, Takes a 20 unit petition for outsider facility use, Outsiders can't use facilities more than 3 hours per week, Activity is permitted only on weekdays between 9 and 4, Dog can't urinate or defecated on grass in common area, Can't use other than Word, Excel, or Access software, Can't have unapproved visitors, Can't have visitors who do not present official identification, Can't have visitors who do not sign in and out, Can't go elsewhere for information than the board, Can't have personal agenda, Can't attend board meeting without informing president a week in advance, Can't have board discuss anything without week in advance written request, Must contact board members by e-mail subject to censorship by secretary, Can't have more than one family in house, Must adequately behave, Must adhere to good morals, Must avoid scandals or socially reprobated attitudes, Can't have an unregistered domestic pet, Can't park vehicles temporarily on street, Can't have more than two total dogs, cats, birds, Can't play music outside from 8pm to 9am, Can't have inside music neighbors don't like, Can't have outside signs, Can't have noisy alarms, Can't hang cloths outside, Can't have cleaning tools in view, Can't have noisy toys, Children can't cry outside, Can't sleep in vehicle parked in carport, Can't repair vehicle in carport, Can't have ugly plants in front, Can't have antenna that can be seen from anywhere, Can't have temporary structures outside, Can't have RV, Can't have tent, Can't have basketball net, Can't burn wood in fireplace, Can't have non functioning car, Can't have unapproved outside lighting, Can't smoke strong cigars, Can't have dog that urinates and defecates in plain sight

posted by Anonymous : 8:24 AM, November 10, 2005

Always plenty of people telling you what you CAN'T do! At last count there were 198 by-laws none of which specified the colour and length of your pet's lead - an obvious oversight.

posted by Anonymous : 5:55 PM, May 25, 2012

In reply to the comments by Anonymous on how to fit in: It is truly amazing that so many Americans and Canadians have taken up residence at a Condominium with so few rules and restrictions. They seem to love rules and are probably lost without more guidance than is provided by El Parque. I would like to point out, however, that you seem to have overlooked a few rules:

can't have workers after 6:00 P.M on any day; can't have workers at all on weekends after 1:00 PM Saturday; can't speak at board meetings without prior board approval; can't get copies of board or public documents from the board or Administrator; must allow the board and Administrator to violate El Parque bylaws and Jalisco condominium codes as a matter policy.

As disappointing as it is that the length and colour of pet leads is not specifically defined, there is hope. Rumor has it that the adminstration's rules makers are considering specifying that the leads must be brown or yellow depending on the pet's intentions during any particular outing. There is also a rumor that rentals to non-homeowners will require board approval. Given our shortage of rules, perhaps these rumors will soon become new rules.

You have to admit there can never be enough rules for this administration.

posted by Anonymous : 12:30 PM, May 26, 2012

It's funny that people are just starting to wake up and take notice when we were aware of this such a long time ago. But no one was interested in listening back then. Unfortunately we are now paying the consequences. No doubt about it, El Parque is like a concentration camp.

posted by Maryannne : 1:46 PM, June 25, 2012

Not quite sure what all the fussis with the condo rules. I actually read them and would suggest that nearly all of them make sense and contribute to the smooth functioning of the community. Are you (that is the collective you) suggesting that this or any other condo collective could function without rules? I suspect not. If there is real concern regarding specific rules why not try to get support to have them changed or dropped?

posted by Anonymous : 8:02 PM, June 25, 2012

Did you (meaning you) read where I posted that no one wanted to listen back then? We did speak up but were ignored. I understand the need for organization but to a point. I believe more in common sense and don't feel that there is a need to have a rule for every little thing. As for having things changed or dropped, if you were at the AGM, you would have noticed that I was the one who stood up and voiced my opinion against the 20 peso fee for "outsiders", many of who are our friends. I think one of my biggest compliants is that things get done without the homeowners having a say. I've said it before and here I am saying it again, I feel like I am being steamrolled.

posted by Maryanne : 12:02 AM, June 26, 2012

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